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Pubblicato il 8 April, 2019

Hematology Department - University Hospital Center Montpellier
- Hematology department involved in all hematology malignancies
- Allo(70-80/y) and auto (120) stem cells transplantation
- CART, certified for R/R DLBCL and ALL by GILEAD/KYTE and NOVARTIS companies
- 12 physicians
- 12 outpatient beds
- 13 beds for allotransplantation
- 19 beds for acute leukemia and auto-transplant
- 9 beds for conventional treatments
- French certification to conduct phase I studies
Profil of candidate
- certify in hematology
- MD and PhD
- Involved in Acute leukemia: both clinical research and basic science (many opportunities to work with research institutes: metabolism, immunotherapy, epigenetic, DNA repair,…)
- Publishing activity : at least 3 articles in paper with IF > 5
- Interested for University position: first MCU-PH (equivalent of associate professor) follow by PU-PH position (Ordinary Professor)
Pr Guillaume Cartron
Head of Hematology Department
University Hospital Center
80 avenue Augustin Fliche
34295 Montpellier, France
Deadline July, 1th 2019